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At MHP Specialty pharmacy we are here to help you with your treatment and needs.

We understand the hardship of getting treated for your disease, we just want to remove some barriers and help you have a smooth treatment without any delays. UNLIKE any pharmacy, we work directly with your MHP doctors to help provide the best and fastest start to your treatment. We have access to most of our patients charts and help coordinate your treatment in order to prevent any delays or miscommunication. By accessing your chart information, we can help clarify any information on your disease or treatment in a timely manner. Our staff is trained in helping to process your referrals, help with Prior Authorizations and with financial assistance. We work hand in hand with your physician and their staff and keep them informed of your progress. We have a large access to Limited distribution medications and medications not available to other pharmacies in our state.

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Financial Assistance

We understand the high cost of specialty medications and the high copays and deductibles that you may incur, so our staff is committed to helping you find a way to get your medications for a price that is affordable. We will work with you to find funding, copay assistance, foundations assistance or manufacturer assistance so that you won’t go without your treatment. If you:

  • Have insurance with a high co-pay, Incur a high deductible, have Medicare or are eligible for Medicare, have no prescription drug coverage or live on a limited income

Our staff will help you enroll in a manufacturer copay assistance program or a foundation program that will help take that burden away from you. We can assist on 3 way calling with foundations and manufacturer assistance programs. Feel free to call us with questions or to see if you may qualify to one of these programs. Our staff will be glad to help you.

Programs from Cancer Drug Manufacturers and Foundations:

Drug Name / Program Manufacturer Phone Number
ACT Program Merck 866-363-6379
Amgen Assist Amgen 805-447-1000
AZ and Me Prescription Savings Program AstraZeneca 800-424-3727
Destination Access Bristol-Myers Squibb 800-861-0048
First Resource Pfizer 877-744-5675
Genentech Access Solutions Genentech® 866-422-2377
Novartis Oncology Patient Assistance Program Novartis 866-884-5906
Patient assistance Network Foundation PanFoundation 866-316-7263

See their websites in our drug information section below

Patient information on drug and diseases

For information on Cancer and treatments: (national institute of health)  (American cancer society) (cancer basics)  (National cancer institute)  (Novartis oncology)   (breast, colon, or prostate cancer info)

Professional Oncology websites   (journal of hematology oncology pharmacy)  (national association of specialty pharmacy)


MHP pharmacy is a Michigan based physician owned pharmacy centered around the ultimate in patient care and satisfaction. Since it’s inception MHP’s main goal was to provide the best in patient care and outcomes, so the addition of pharmacy services was inevitable. With multiple locations and access to physician charts we offer many services that others simply cannot.


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September 9, 2015

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